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The General Aviation Terminal Aguascalientes Airport

Officially operates from 06:00 at 00:00 hrs. plus service extensions at the request every day of the week, and offers the following services:


  •  Supply address on request.
  •  Anchoring for small-scale aircraft
  •  Fuel supply 24 hrs. (gas, oil and jet aircraft)
  •  Turnover of airport services.
  •  Waiting room for passengers and pilots;
  •  Air conditioning
  •  Control of entry to the platform
  •  Parking for cars 24 hrs.

Presence of the following authorities 24 hours:
  •     Customs,   
  •     Migration,  
  •     SAGARPA   
  •     Federal Police   
  •     SEDENA

For flight dispatch 24 hrs:
  • Office of Inspector D.G.A.C.
  • Office SENEAM clearance.