Dear Passenger:
For Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico it's a priority to follow operational safety standards within our airports, including the application of preventive measures to avoid the spread of COVID.
We remind you that it's obligatory the correct use of masks throughout your stay at the airports and during your flight, as well as:
- Go to the airport, only if you are the one boarding the flight, in order to avoid unnecessary crowds.
- Maintain social distancing.
- Constant hand sanitization.
- Avoid travel if you have COVID-related symptoms.
For international flights, it's necessary to present a negative COVID test and a complete vaccination schedule.

GAP airports have laboratories where this test can be performed. The general hotline is: 55 5080 1910
You can complete the following form to speed up your registration:Laboratorios Polanco

Mission / Vision

Mission:     ”To provide services that contribute to the development of domestic, regional and international air transportation, while positioning GAP’s 12 airports as the most advanced airports of their kind via competitive management and operations, while continuously adapting to market demand.”


Vision:     "GAP is dedicated to being the leading provider of airport services and products in Mexico, while operating in a sustainable, sucure and profitable manner.”


  • RESPECT: Treat other peoples how we would want others to treat us.
  • HONESTY: Always act with objectivity, ethics and appropriateness in all activities and always to the benefit of the organization.
  • EMPATHY: Understand and own the necessities and expectations of the organization and its personnel.
  • COMMUNICATION:Transmit in a clear, precise, opportune, efficient and in a reciprocal manner.
  • PASSION: Act with heart, drive and energy in ones deeds and thoughts while respecting others.
  • TEAMWORK: Capacity to unify strengths to achieve common goals, valuing the work of all contributors.
  • HUMOR: Don’t take it personal, project happiness, relieve stress and improve the outlook of problems..