Gap’s Certifications

 Our environmental policy has led us to the achievement and maintenance of the Environmental Quality Certification issued by the Federal Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) and also to the design and implementation of our Environmental Management System, which was certified under the international standard ISO 14001:2004 by AENOR, an international certification agency.


ISO 14001:2015 Certificate


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Environmental Policy


     At GAP, we are committed to provide airport, complementary commercial and high quality standards by implementing processes to prevent pollution, in order to improve environmental performance, promote a culture of continuous improvement of the environment, and at all times comply with applicable environmental regulations in all airports of the Group.

   We are sure that respecting our environment we'll forge a better tomorrow for future generations.


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    Each and every one of the airports operated by the Group, have signed an agreement for inclusion to the National Environmental Audit Program (NEAP), which is conducted by the PROFEPA Authority and aims to the self-regulation of the organizations to recognize through certification, their compliance with applicable environmental legislation, this certification has been achieved by all airports in the group, once they were completed the commitments resulting from audits performed by a third party or "Verification Units".






ISO 14001:2004


Environmental Management System Certificate

    At GAP we have designed an environmental management system (EMS) in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001:2004, in which have been defined a framework that helps us to standardize our documents, records and practices, which allow us to achieve and demonstrate a solid environmental performance is achieved where the efficiency of resources.

    This system allows us to identify and assess with opportunity, all the environmental aspects of our activities and services and also the legal requirements for federal, state and municipal related to them, which serve as input to establish operational controls to ensure that they consistently meet our environmental policy and continually improve environmental performance through objectives, targets and programs aimed at reducing electricity and water consumption, the waste generation and air and soil pollution.

    To this date, our EMS it´s implemented in La Paz, Aguascalientes, Bajío, Morelia, Hermosillo and Los Mochis airports, and has been certified under the ISO 14001:2004 standard by AENOR, which is an international certification body.