Dear Passenger:
For Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico it's a priority to follow operational safety standards within our airports, including the application of preventive measures to avoid the spread of COVID.
We remind you that it's obligatory the correct use of masks throughout your stay at the airports and during your flight, as well as:
- Go to the airport, only if you are the one boarding the flight, in order to avoid unnecessary crowds.
- Maintain social distancing.
- Constant hand sanitization.
- Avoid travel if you have COVID-related symptoms.
For international flights, it's necessary to present a negative COVID test and a complete vaccination schedule.

GAP airports have laboratories where this test can be performed. The general hotline is: 55 5080 1910
You can complete the following form to speed up your registration:Laboratorios Polanco


GAP vs Corrupt practices

     At GAP we are committed to conducting our operations with integrity, through continuous monitoring of compliance with the Anti-Corruption Law and other laws in force in the countries where we operate. We have a zero tolerance policy for bribes and/or illicit payments of any kind in our relationships with the public or private sector. We have a robust oversight process in place to scrutinize third party representatives, potential mergers and/or acquisitions, suppliers, foreign officials and other key business partners to help ensure that we only enter into contracts with legitimate parties that have a high reputation for integrity. Our commitment to operate is not limited to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but also ensures the continuity of our business and improves the lives of our employees and the communities where we operate.



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Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines


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Policy for the Prevention and Identification of
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