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Los Cabos

VIP Lounges

Terminal 1


Regardless if your trip is for pleasure or business VIP Lounge Los Cabos will allow you to feel the exclusiveness of the destination in each of our areas. Relax while getting a massage in our spa, submerge in a good book in our resting area, or enjoy a drink while sharing a billiards game forgetting for an instant that you are in an airport.


Terminal 2





  • Location: Terminal 1, after security filters,  mezzanine zone, top floor
  • Operating hours**: 9:00 – 21:00
  • Tel: +52 (624) 1465 207 Ext. 50662

  • Location: Terminal 2, airside after Security, the VIP Lounge is located in the food court area
  • Operating hours: Jueves a Lunes  9:00 – 19:00 hrs. Martes y Miércoles de 09:00 a 18:00 hrs. 
  • Tel: +52 (624) 1465 208 Ext. 50663

**Operation hours may vary based on flight schedules